Bricks Without Straw

The team behind Bricks without Straw say it's a way of life which is seemingly familiar but often misunderstood.

Beth Williams is the director of the year-long project and explained the name of the production to 105.7 ABC Darwin's Anne-Marie Middlemast. "It's taken from the book of Exodus in the bible where in olden times the Israelites were forced to come up with the bricks without being given enough straw to make the bricks and so it's an illusion to the life being marginalised, being homeless, being in the long grass you're expected to fit into society, you're expected to come up with I guess 'normal' lifestyles when in fact you're not given enough support."

Ms Williams says the best way to get a message across is through creative form, with Bricks without Straw featuring song, drama, musical and multimedia components.

"This is the long grassers life and we're just want you to know that yes it's tough but we're people and we have many stories to tell you and we'd like you to understand why we go through the difficulties of life."

Content from : ABC.NET.AU

Show Details

  • Venue: Filipino Community Centre Marrara, Darwin , Australia
  • Date: 2010
  • Writer :
  • Director: Beth "Betchay"Mondragon Williams
  • Cast: