Mother and Daughter

There is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and affection that a woman who decides to take the role of "mother", needs to pass on to a younger woman known as "daughter". This process may be beautiful and heart-warming on the one hand or nerve-wracking and full of discord on the other.

Stage Director Betchay Mondragon took on the challenge of interpreting the different stories between mothers and daughters in this Tracks production. MOTHER DAUGHTER began with childbirth and continued to the time when the daughter decides to leave the mother in order to live her own life. These stories were colourfully represented through a variety of cultural traditions and rituals, as well differing concepts of mothering practices. Performances featured real life mother and daughter tandems.

Content from : Tracks Dance

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  • Venue: Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin , Australia
  • Date: 2001
  • Writer :
  • Director: Beth "Betchay"Mondragon Williams
  • Cast: