Inday: Mail Order Bride

Inday, a sassy, down to earth Filipina overflowing with spunk, marries Bill, an Australian bloke. Naively presuming that she would be well provided for by her white husband, Inday promises to send financial assistance to her parents and siblings back home.

Bill blatantly refuses to bankroll Inday's family care promises, punctuating his stand with a punch to Inday's face. He insists that Inday find herself a job to pay for half of their living expenses in Australia. It was only fair, says Bill.

Inday holds down three jobs - the third pay check earmarked for her regular disco and casino outings with her Filipina friends. Inday's house is spotless, her little son is a darling, and Bill is, in Inday's words, "a wild boar always in heat". One night, despite working 12 hours that day, Inday dons her heels and red lipstick and heads for the disco and casino. Bill, drunk and unreasonably jealous, stalks Inday. In the darkness of the casino car park, manhandles Inday until she loses consciousness. The morning after, she is found by workers still lying on the ground where Bill left her. She has been unable to move. Her spine had been crushed.

Inday becomes a paraplegic.

Inday: Mail-Order-Bride is 90% a one-woman play. Inday interacts with Bill, a looming shadow. Arjibuk, an Indigenous woman, interacts with Inday in the in the flesh in the Prologue and Epilogue - providing tongue-in-cheek repartees on racial and sexual disparities in Australia. Arjibuk and Inday become friends.

Show Details

  • Venue: Darwin Entertainment Center
  • Date: June 1995
  • Writer : Beth "Betchay" Mondragon Williams
  • Director: Partick Mitchell and Beth "Betchay"Mondragon Williams
  • Cast: Beth "Betchay"Mondragon Williams with Ali Mills