Hanayome - San (Mail Order Bride) First Prize Winner

Translation of Award Certificate: THIRD Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Awards for Alternative Film & Video Awarded to Beth Mondragon Williams First Prize for Video (feature) for Hanayome-San

Hanayome-San was a euphemism for mail-order-bride used in the Philippines in the 80's to refer to arranged marriages for economic convenience between Japanese nationals and Filipina women. (A teen-aged Filipina is pressured by her own parents to marry a middle -aged Japanese man with little to no English language skills. The young girl ends up being raped by her supposed husband on their first night together. Her older sister, also a hanayome-san, escapes from her equally abusive husband in Japan, bringing shame to her family.)

Show Details

  • Venue: Aired on national television as part of an anthology series produced by PETA-BFI (Phil Educational Theater Association - Broadcast and Film, Inc.)
  • Date: October 1989
  • Writer : Winona Lebron
  • Director:Beth Mondragon Williams
  • Cast: Wena Basco, Sharmaine Centenerra